Class Introduction



Introduction Department

This subject aims to lead students to equip themselves with capacity as wholesome nurses by teaching them theories, techniques and ethics of nursing in order to cultivate nurses who respect the nobleness of human life and provide services to human kind, and to dedicate themselves to the health welfare of the local community with spirit of truth, service and practice as a trusted nurse by recipient of service. Students will come to understand internal and external environment that impart effect on health of individual, family and local community in order to satisfy the health demand of society. This subject, in addition, aims to cultivate nurses who maintain and improve optimal health conditions, and assist in prevention of, recovery and rehabilitation from illness of members of society.

Education Goal

  1. 1. Able to establish professional human relationship by understanding the recipient of service as a whole being.
  2. 2. Able to satisfy the health demand of recipients of service by utilizing nursing procedure.
  3. 3. Able to define and establish ethics and philosophy as a professional.
  4. 4. Able to participate in research activity and apply the outcome of research to practical aspect of nursing for progress in nursing academics.
  5. 5. Able to make contribution to improvement in health welfare by developing role of nurses appropriate to the needs and changes of the local community.

Future Careers

Through our courses, students can get a BSN and be a registered nurse (RN), Public Health teacher. If students get sufficient credit for clinical research coordinator (CRC) of biomedical program, they can work as a CRC at clinical research center. This is provided at our nursing school only at present. Also if one wants to be a midwifery, you can take an national examination after you trained for 1 year at a specific midwifery station or hospital. Lastly a few students can get credits to be school nurse. Of course you can be a medical oriented lawyer or administrator after required examination.